New crosswalk light in front of Highland East Jr. High
Posted on May 9th, 2017

The City of Moore would like to inform the citizens that beginning on Monday May 8 at 1:30pm a new High-intensity Activated Crosswalk Beacon (HAWK) will be in full operation in front of Highland East Jr. High  (1200 SE 4th St, Moore).  The HAWK beacon is a crossing signal used at intersections that are not signalized. It is activated by pedestrians and stops traffic to allow for safe pedestrian crossings. The lights will remain dark until pedestrian activation for crossing. 
The sequence of the signal light is as follows:
1. Beacon is dark.
2. Pedestrian presses activation button.
Beacon flashes yellow for approaching drivers; warns to reduce speed and,
prepare for pedestrians.
3. Solid yellow beacon.
4. Solid red beacons; drivers must stop at stop line.
Pedestrian receives WALK signal with a countdown timer on a
pedestrian signal head.
5. Pedestrian receives flashing DON’T WALK
indication on pedestrian signal head;
Motorists see flashing red, indicating that
they must remain stopped until pedestrians have completed crossing.
6. Beacon goes dark (drivers may proceed and begin vehicle movement)
Thank you for driving safely in this area.